“For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” Psalm 100:1 (NKJV)

BRF (The Bible Reading Fellows

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Colours of Easter - Teaching Rescource

£5.00 £9.99
The seven sessions in this book can be used at any time over the Easter season. Sessions 1-5 could be presented on Good Friday and Sessions 6-7 on Easter Sunday. Equally, the whole story could be presented in the week leading up to Easter, or at a sp

How to Read the Bible: so that it makes

How to read the Bible? And how to apply it? To read and engage with the Bible, we first need to understand the story, the styles of writing and the approaches we find in the text. Michael Parsons encourages readers to look at the whole biblical s

Make the Most of Retirement

'Retire' means to 'withdraw', to 'retreat', to 'give ground', to 'cease to compete'. In one sense that is true: retirement does involve a leaving of office or employment. Yet retirement is also about new beginnings and new opportunities. In this help

Mustard Seed Shavings: Mountain-moving f

Not read any Christian book before but want to give it a go? Maybe, just maybe, this will help. Taken a first step of faith - or a first step in taking faith more seriously - but don't quite know what to do next? Possibly you are holding something us

New Daylight January-April 2022: Sustain

Each issue of New Daylight provides four months of daily Bible readings and comment, with a regular team of contributors drawn from a range of church backgrounds. New Daylight covers a varied selection of Old and New Testament passages, biblical them

Unveiled: Women of the Old Testament and

Some women of the Hebrew scriptures are well known, but many others are barely remembered. Even when they are, we often don't pause on them long enough to think about what we might learn from them. Unveiled, written with frankness and humour and illu