“For the LORD is good; His mercy is everlasting, and His truth endures to all generations.” Psalm 100:1 (NKJV)


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10 Dead Gals You Should Know: Leaving an Enduring Legacy

10 Dead Gals You Should Know: Leaving an Enduring Legacy

10 Dead Guys You Should Know: Standing o

Ten fascinating bite-sized biographies of the Christians people expect you to know. While Christians have always prized the Bible as our ultimate authority in matters of faith and practice, we also recognize that the Christian life is an inter

10 Women Who Overcame Their Past

This book contains the stories of ten women whose circumstances and choices led them to a place that seemed far removed from the fruitful, joy-filled life we are called to live in Christ. But each of their stories is a testament to the work God do

10 Women Who Were Spiritual Mothers

Motherhood. Not for the faint hearted or blase, it's a state of being that tries one's patience, purpose and peace. Sequel to 10 Women Who Overcame their Past, Dayspring Macleod's 10 Women Who were Spiritual Mothers is set to

40 Years Behind Bars: The Inside Story o

There are around 8,000 people incarcerated in Scotland. For 40 years, Prison Fellowship Scotland has been working with prisoners and their families, providing practical help and care, and sharing the good news about Jesus. 40 Years Behind Bars tells

A Day's March Nearer Home

£8.00 £15.99

A Great Blessing to Me

£4.50 £8.99
George Whitefield, regarded as the preaching wonder of his day, and John Newton, one of the leading spiritual guides of the movement that Whitefield had a significant hand in creating, Evangelicalism, are perennially interesting figures. These live

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